Ocean Freight

Full Container

A Full Container Load (FCL) is a standard (20 or 40 ft length) container, depending on the country of origin. FCL means the loading reaches its allowable maximum weight or full measurement.

ocean Freight by alexis logistic Full Container ocean freight
ocean Freight by alexis logistic consolidation ocean freight


Consolidated shipping is a method of shipping where a consolidator combines individual LCL shipments from various shippers into one full container shipment. … When the full container shipment reaches its destination, the shipments are then deconsolidated into their original LCL shipments.

Less than Container Load (LCL) is a shipment that is not large enough to fill a standard cargo container.


Break bulk is a system of transporting cargo as separate pieces rather than in containers.
Breakbulk ocean shipping is a common method used to successfully transport cargo or goods that cannot fit in standard-size shipping containers or cargo bins.

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ocean Freight by alexis logistic overseize ocean freight

Over sized

Oversized (heavy) cargo is a cargo the actual dimensions or the weight of which is bigger than the maximum permitted values set in the countries through the territory of which the cargo is transported.

Overseized ocean freight service provided by alexis logistic. The service is designed to ensure that your shipment is sent to its destination on time and correctly.