Express Customs clearance


Avoid long lines and delays at the airport. With alexis Logistics Express Customs clearance, you can rest assured that your shipment will reach its overseas destination on time, and be safe and sound.

Have a new product you want to import, but were not sure if it’s going to be a hit? Alexis Logistic Express Customs clearance service provides instant, complete clearance through customs for a wide range of new products. Our thorough international customs clearance process takes into account complicated factors such as customs taxes or duties.

Express Customs clearance
Fiscal representation alexis logistic

Fiscal representation

Fiscal representation service provided by Alexis Logistic. Helping companies to understand their tax requirements in all of the world.

Our firm is expertly skilled to take care of any inventory and to succeed in all our missions. This is allow our customers to dominate their competitor in the marketplace.