Air Freight

Normal Air freight

Alexis Logistic always provide top-quality services to its customers. We offer an unrivalled service at competitive prices. That’s because we provide you with the most reliable and efficient Air freight services in and out of Tunisia, Europe and all world desination.

Air Freight by alexis logistic Normal Air freight
Air Freight by alexis logistic express Air freight

Express Air freight

Find out how Alexis Logistic can help you save time, reduce costs, and reduce risk when shipping your freight, with our premium express air freight service.


We know the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day business can sometimes get in the way of our family and work lives. That’s why we started charters Air freight, to take away the headaches and make transporting your goods and personal property a breeze.

Air Freight by alexis logistic charters Air freight
Air Freight by alexis logistic hand carry Air freight

Hand carry

The hand carry freight service provided by alexis logistic allows you to have your cargo delivered straight to your doorstep. Because the service is self-service, you don’t have to worry about someone signing for your cargo.